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A lot of times, divorce can be hard to go through due to various emotional factors. Even if the couple in question has parted amicably, the divorce proceeding may still be tricky because of crucial issues like child custody and asset division. This is why you need the help of an expert CUTLER BAY divorce lawyer from Miami Divorce Attorneys.

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Our lawyers are well-versed and highly experienced in dealing with Florida family law, especially concerning divorce. We’ve successfully helped thousands of clients reach a satisfactory middle ground with their former spouses. Our legal expertise and sound, impartial judgment will help smoothen the process in the most favorable way.

With us on your side, you won’t have to go through the trouble of sorting legal documents yourself. We’ll also represent you during mediation and court hearings to best put your interests forward. Our goal is to give you—and any children involved—the best possible settlement terms in the least stressful way achievable.

From child support and custody to spousal support and asset division, all divorce issues can be dealt with by our expert divorce lawyers at Miami Divorce Attorneys. We guarantee an efficient service with favorable results at a reasonable rate.

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Dedicated Divorce Support

A CUTLER BAY divorce lawyer from Miami Divorce Attorneys can expertly represent you whether you are the spouse filing for divorce (petitioner) or the respondent. It’s best to acquire our service the moment you consider divorce (as the petitioner) or when you’re served with the divorce papers (as the respondent). This way, you can go through the legal divorce process in the most efficient way possible.

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We’ll guide you on what and how papers should be filled and filed in court, ensuring nothing is amiss and the divorce will go smoothly. We will also gather all the necessary documents for the information you must disclose. These include the following:

  • Income
  • Assets
  • Debts
  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Personal financial statements

After the divorce is filed, mediation may be ordered to reach a divorce agreement without involving the court. If this won’t work, the divorce will proceed to trial. You and your spouse will then be required to present evidence and witnesses for all the contested issues to be decided by the judge.

Either way, our divorce lawyers will be with you every step of the way. Our legal expertise will help ensure the process won’t be stressful and time-consuming.

Child Custody & Child Support

If the marriage produced a child, filing for a divorce may not be as straightforward as it should’ve been otherwise. The court may order marriage counseling if one party does not agree that the union is irretrievably broken. The proceeding may also be extended for no longer than three months to give the couple time to reconcile.

Regardless, Miami Divorce Attorneys will offer our legal expertise to help reach a divorce agreement that benefits you and your child. We will see that every relevant factor is well-discussed in hearings (or mediation sessions), so the right amount of child support and appropriate custody and visitation rights will be awarded.

We will help file enforcement actions should the other parent fail to fulfill his responsibilities. Over time, if circumstantial changes call for modifications in the child custody and child support arrangement, we are also ready to represent your case.

Alimony & Spousal Support

Another aspect that our CUTLER BAY divorce lawyer can help you sort out is alimony or spousal support. Florida allows either wife or husband to request alimony, whose type and amount will depend primarily on the length of the marriage, the requesting partner’s needs, and the paying partner’s income or ability to pay.

alimony 300x225 CUTLER BAY Divorce LawyerFour types of alimony arrangements can be awarded in Florida: bridge-the-gap alimony, rehabilitative alimony, durational alimony, and permanent alimony.

Bridge-the-gap alimony is the type that is awarded if the requesting spouse needs financial help in meeting their short-term, legitimate needs as they transition to an independent life. The duration of this alimony won’t be longer than two years and cannot be modified once it’s final.

Rehabilitative alimony is an arrangement where a well-defined plan for helping the requesting spouse regain self-sufficiency is required. This arrangement aims to help the requesting spouse become self-sufficient again by developing new skills (or redeveloping existing skills that weren’t practiced during the marriage) through education, training, and work experience that will help build credentials. The arrangement can be modified if any significant change occurs in the circumstances.

Durational alimony is awarded after a short-term marriage if a permanent one isn’t appropriate. The original amount of the alimony can be modified but only under exceptional circumstances. The duration, moreover, cannot be longer than the length of the marriage.

Permanent alimony is awarded after a long-duration marriage if the requesting spouse needs financial assistance to pay for their needs, as they used to during the marriage. This can sometimes be awarded after a moderate-duration marriage and rarely for short marriages. And if the circumstances change after some time, modifications and even termination are possible.

Asset & Property Division

Even if a couple doesn’t have a child and no one wants alimony, dividing marital assets is still a big issue to sort out. Fortunately, our CUTLER BAY divorce lawyers are also well-versed when it comes to asset, property, and debt division. We can handle the gathering of vital documents necessary to assess all the involved assets and debts, allowing for a fair and efficient division process.

Our lawyers can help characterize, value, and divide stock options, pension plans, employee benefits, and other forms of long-term assets. We won’t have a problem in locating, valuing, and coming up with a proposed share of complex assets, such as the following:

  • Real estate assets
  • Professional practices
  • Financial accounts
  • Insurance policies
  • Privately held businesses
  • Publicly held companies
  • Foreign assets

Business Owner, High-Value, or High-Profile Divorce

While all divorce cases can have a certain level of difficulty, it is especially complicated if a high-profile couple or large businesses are involved. Miami Divorce Attorneys, however, won’t have a problem handling high-value cases and ensuring that the entire divorce will transpire as smoothly and privately as possible.

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We know a lot is at stake when settling this type of divorce, especially concerning asset division. But the good news is that we can expertly help you locate and value all kinds of assets, even those complicated and foreign ones like the following:

  • Domestic and foreign real estate
  • Trusts
  • Life insurance policies, proceeds, and annuities
  • Money market and other financial accounts
  • Patents and other intellectual property
  • Privately and publicly held companies
  • Stock options and employee benefit plans
  • Foreign employee benefit plans
  • Pensions, retirement accounts, and severance packages
  • Professional practices and partnerships
  • Oil and mineral rights and royalties

We guarantee that no matter your socioeconomic status, we will handle your case with the utmost confidentiality and attention to detail. By the end of the divorce process, we will ensure you have a settlement agreement that will serve your and your children’s best interests.

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Our CUTLER BAY, FL law firm fully understands that divorce cases come with sensitive issues that can complicate the entire process. That is why as divorce lawyers, our job is to guide you through every legal step you need to take and facilitate the organization of all the documents, evidence, and witnesses you may need.

Our goal is to make sure that all your legal concerns will be addressed in the most favorable way. This means that you and any children involved will have your rights protected and exercised as much as possible.

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